Artist Management for the Music Business

Artist Management Online is a comprehensive career development course that provides the management tools, strategies and planning guidance to advance a career in the music buisness. 

                                    Over 4 hours of video presentations.

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                      Artist Management for the Music Buisness, 3rd Edition

Artist Management


Artist managers are those ‘behind the scenes” professionals that guide the career of an artist. Successful managers have a broad understanding of the music industry, an unfailing belief in their artist as well as their own talents and a gift for managing difficult situations with clarity and tenacity. Many developing artists are doing this job themselves.

In this course you will learn how a successful manager answers and then deals with these issues every day:

Who are the decision makers in the music industry? You will work with booking agents, record labels, musicians and many, many others.

What are the key points in an artist management contract? You will negotiate the performance fee, merch percentage and items within the production rider.

How will a business manager support an artist’s career? For 5% of the artist's earnings, a business manager will create budgets, manage payroll and advise an artist on their personal finances.

How does a manager earn their money? You talk to a lot of people and you will negotiate every day for opportunities for the artists you represent. 

What are the negotiating points in a record label contract? The record label will want to negotiate for a percentage of all of your earnings, merch, touring, publishing, etc.

How do I interest a booking agent in my artist? Agents talk to talent buyers every day. Make sure that for every performance, the talent buyer has a positive experience and will tell others about your music and professionalism. Word will get back to agents.

What do corporate sponsors look for when partnering with an artist? Major corporate sponsors want a partnership, they want artists to help them fulfil their marketing goals.

What is negotiable in a 360° deal? All your earning streams. Are you prepared to share your touring and publishing income with a record label? If a label helps these areas grow more valuable, then it's worth negotiating.

What are the fundamental issues in an artist rider? Do you need backline, stools on stage or extra monitor wedges? These will all be articulated in the rider. Even young developing artist should create a rider, you will need it one day.

These are just a few examples of what is examined in fine detailed throughout this course.